If you are looking for us to add new images, please email [email protected] with the subject Request.
I will not be honoring any requests that aren't through email anymore.
1) I make no guarantee that any requests will be honored. It can also sometimes take months to find and make images. Please be patient.
2) Do not spam, do not send the same request multiple times a week, do not send multiple requests per day [You can add as many requests into a single email as you wish]. Your request will not be honored and you will be blocked.
3) Make sure you do a search for any images before making a request, sometimes they are already uploaded. Make sure you try different search keywords as it might be titled something different. I usually follow IMDB and ANIDB for titles.
4) Image requests must be for American Cartoons, Japanese Anime, or American Movies.
5) Do not request individual episodes of shows or certain timestamps. Only the show/movie itself. Do not request currently running shows. I am unable to keep up with weekly releases. Only if a show is completely finished can you let me know that I am behind on the show.
6) Do not request [4k] content. I am working on updating my software to handle it, but for now it isn't ready. Hopefully starting in 2022. Personally, I think a high quality 1080p image is better than a poorly tone-mapped 4k SDR image.
NOTE: You will probably not get a reply. The email will be flagged into a folder for tracking.

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