Top 5 Tall, Dark, and Handsome Men in Anime

A lot of movies and tv shows have a character that is tall, dark, and handsome, particularly in pulp fiction and noir genres. Anime, of course, is no different than Hollywood in having some really great tall, dark, and handsome men to choose from. But it isn’t just being tall and handsome that gets a character into the top spots of this list.

No, they also must act the part by being cool, mysterious, and having that dark edge to them. It isn’t just having the look that makes the trope, it is the personality, that suave characteristic that makes the character so memorable. That is what separates the top 5 from the rest, the handsome look and the cool personality. We went ahead and picked some of the best of the best in terms of who is the tallest, darkest, and most handsome of them all.

Dracule “Hawkeye” Mihawk, One Piece

Our runner-up is no other than Dracule Mihawk, a badass swordsman who is considered the “Best Swordsman Alive” within the One Piece universe. Mihawk is a serious no thrills swordsman who can quickly cut down anyone with his amazing sword skills. He is an honorable person following the swordsman code in his battles even against weaker opponents. His cool under fire attitude, stoic facial expressions, and interesting fashion choice puts him in the running to be on our list.

#5 Train Heartnet, Black Cat

Train from Black Cat is an assassin who originally worked for Chronos before becoming a sweeper (bounty hunter) along with Sven and Eve after he watches the death of Saya, someone he cared for and liked. He has a light-hearted, nonchalant demeanor and a detached, cold way of killing people without remorse. To counteract his terrible deeds he is given a bell by Eve, to warn people he is coming just like any bad cat would have. While he might be cool and uncaring while killing, he has a light side which he shows to Saya and, on occasion, Eve.  He is definitely “a cool cat” with good looks and a cool personality to go with it, which is why he gets the number 5 spot.

#4 Tatsumi Saiga, Speed Grapher

Tatsumi Saiga from Speed Grapher is a bit of an interesting choice because he is a little older than the other entries, but we feel that just makes him more distinguished. A little age on a man isn’t always a bad thing and some people really like the salt and pepper look. Tatsumi is a veteran war journalist who, even after coming back from the front-lines, was unable to give up his photojournalist ways. He goes on to acquire the ability to kill people through the use of his camera which lets him fight against his enemies and protect Kagura, the girl who gave him his powers. He is more mature than the other entries on the list, playing it cool, level-headed, and rational. His more mature look and gentle ways gets him on the list at number 4.

#3 Kougami Shinya, PSYCHO-PASS

Kougami Shinya is another cool, detached bad-boy for the list. An ex-Inspector whose crime coefficient went too high during the line of duty, he is now just an enforcer who seeks revenge on the death of his old partner. He rebels against the Sybil System, a computer network designed to protect citizens from criminals, and keeps his distance from his new partner Akane. He tries not to get too attached to anyone anymore in fear of losing them as he did his partner and he trains constantly to stay in peak physical performance. His good looks, cool attitude, and toned body land him near the top of this list for tall, dark, and handsome anime men.


#2 Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

Spike is the traditional tall, dark, and handsome anime character. While not the first tall, dark, and handsome anime character, he popularized the trope and made it popular in anime. Most characters afterwards have thanks to pay to him for trailblazing the trope. He is mysterious and cool in his demeanor, although he can be lazy and indifferent as well. As a bounty hunter he is skilled in both fighting and killing which adds to his cool factor. However, he is also self-centered, caring mostly about his own interests and not much about others along the way. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a softer side though, as he does show affection for his crew-mates at times and it is obvious that he cares about them. This list would not be complete without Spike, and he makes our number 2 spot.

#1 Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler

It is without a doubt that Sebastian Michaelis is the tallest, darkest, and most handsome of them all. Being a butler with an amazing accent is just the icing on that dark, handsome cake. Now, normally a butler isn’t the one in the spotlight but just a side character to the main protagonist. Not Sebastian, though, as he definitely steals the show with his charisma and good looks. His deep red eyes contrast well with his dark demeanor, and his sadistic and callous personality add to his mysterious aura. He is the pinnacle of the tall, dark, and handsome trope and he takes the top spot. Congrats Sebastian, you tall, handsome man.

Final Thoughts

While it is easy to quantify being tall, judging someone on how handsome they are is pretty subjective and will be different for everyone. But without a doubt these guys are the cream of the tall, dark, and handsome crop and probably would make most people’s lists. There are definitely some note-worthy characters we felt didn’t make the cut: Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, Hei from Darker than Black, Van from Gun X Sword, Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun, and so onThere are many great characters but only 5 can be the best.

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