Crunchyroll Proves Just How Popular Anime Is With New Milestone

This week Crunchyroll announced that they will be hosting their own anime convention called Crunchyroll Expo (CRX). It will be in conjunction with LeftField media and the convention will be a celebration of all things anime as well as other things like manga, cosplay, and even video games. It is set for August 25 through the 27 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Crunchyroll claims it will have unique events as well as showcasing the best of Japanese pop culture.

Crunchyroll also announced they reached over 1 million paying subscriptions per month and have over 1.5 billion minutes of anime viewing per month. This proves that the company is still fast growing and that anime is not a small niche product but a full-fledged genre with support coming from big players like Netflix (which will be releasing more episodes of Seven Deadly Sins) and Amazon.  This is great news for anime fans as this will help give them more content and better services than we were getting before.

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