These 3 Anime Bikinis Are Ridiculous And Amazing

Anime is infamous for having a fanservice beach episode in the middle of the show to pander to a certain demographic, but Majimoji Rurumo decided to spice things up even more with what must be some of the craziest, most ridiculous anime bikini designs you will probably ever see in a show. Bikini anime girls are a dime a dozen so Majimoji Rurumo decided to notch their beach episode up to 11 to get the most bang for their buck. It isn’t always easy to outdo previous animes in terms of sexy girls, but Majimoji Rurumo tried their best and succeeded.

Majimoji Rurumo is about a perverted boy who is super into girls but none of the girls at his school like him due to his offensive antics. Upon finding a book he uses it to summon a witch named Rurumo who then goes about trying to trick him into using magical cards 666 times so she can become a full-fledged witch, even though it will end up killing him. It is a decent enough ecchi comedy that released back in 2014 with okay ratings and reviews. But what really makes it stand out from other shows, even ecchi anime was the bikini designs.

The Vacuum Sealed Bikini

It isn’t that this bikini is skimpy, it most definitely is, but skimpy bikinis are everywhere in anime. No, what sets this one apart is that it is vacuumed sealed onto her boobs causing it to stand out from the other skimpy bikini crowd. How many bikinis have you seen that literally concave into the chest to help accentuate the boobs. My best guess is she has some kind of fashion tape or magic holding it up, it is a magical girl show after all (well, at least in the literal sense of it has a girl with magic).

The Wrap Bikini

The sarashi as a bikini top is definitely an interesting choice, although I’m not sure if it is actually usable when wet. Sarashi’s are usually worn by samurai as padding and to help stop bleeding from wounds during battle, but women also wore them to de-emphasise their chests during a time when smaller figures were popular and sexy. Using it as a bikini top is clearly not what it was designed for but that uniqueness does give it an interesting allure. Not sure how it holds up as a fashion choice in today’s world, but you got to admit it does have a charm to it.

Seashell Bikini

The highlight of the episode, the seashell bikini. It causes a stir in the show and I can understand why, it is so impractical as a swimsuit that we don’t even understand the point of wearing it. The top isn’t too bad actually, no different than the coconut bras one would see when visiting the Hawaiian islands, but that bottom would offer no protection nor modesty.

This bikini is 100% fanservice pandering and has no usefulness in the least. The backside, if they showed it, would just be a string most likely. It would make even g-string bikinis look modest in comparison. Not to mention we have no idea how it would actually work. Is it tied together? Glued? Our hat is off to you seashell bikini, you win the most ridiculous bikini award. Congrats!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, three of the most ridiculous, but also oddly charming, bikinis you will probably ever see in anime. There are many bikinis in anime, and some are even over the top and impractical, but not many anime bikinis go as far as these three in being just outright absurd. Plus they were all in a single episode in a single show! You did your best and succeeded Majimoji Rurumo. 

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