5 Cutest Anime Robot Girls Who Are Super Deadly

The future is always an exciting place and in anime there is nothing more exciting than cute robotic girls who could kill you on the spot! What is there not to love in a girl who was built from scratch to meet your every need? Of course, almost all of them are killing machines who could kill you in under a second, but who cares about the little details like that? So check out our list of the top 5 adorable killer robot anime girls who I’m sure wouldn’t kill you if they were real.

This list only contains artificially built beings in both mind and body. That means no cyborgs (which are humans in an artificial shell) can be included in the list. That takes The Major from Ghost in the Shell out of consideration as well as Angela Balzac from Expelled from Paradise. This doesn’t mean they need to be made out of metal, just artificially built, autonomous, sentient, and super deadly.

Eve, Black Cat

First up is Eve from Black Cat, who is technically a genetically modified clone something or other, but the difference between her and an actual robot is negligible in our opinion. Eve is a quiet, cute girl with long flowing blonde hair which she can use in battle. She pulls off a nice gothic lolita look which goes along with her more childish, innocent behavior and quiet, moody demeanor. Don’t be fooled by her looks though, she knows how to fight and can hold her own even against some of the very best fighters.

Yaya, Unbreakable Machine Doll

Yaya is also not “technically” a robot in the traditional sense but a doll-like sentient puppet who draws her power from the magic of her master. These dolls are and strong fighters and Yaya is one of the best who can even stop a runaway train without much issue. Yaya is an elegant girl who has adorable long, black hair and wears a short kimono showing off her slender legs in thigh high stockings and high platform geta footwear. But it isn’t just her appearance that is cute, she also is extremely devoted to her master Raishin and will get jealous when other girls are around. Add in her adorable expressions and actions towards him and you have one adorable robot with amazing strength and fighting ability.

Clarion, Pandora in the Crimson Shell

Clarion from Pandora in the Crimson Shell is a combat android maid who is skilled at fighting and holds the Pandora Device (a device which gives powers to Nene). Her constant annoyance at Nene and dislike of having her ears touched just heighten her cuteness. She might have a petite size but her deadly combat gives a nice balance to her overall character, a nice mix between innocent childlike look and awesome deadly combat ability. Add to that the cat ears and maid outfit and it surely rounds out her cuteness.

Ikaros, Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros is a quiet android who fell down from heaven and now lives with Tomoki, her master. If you thought the other robots on the list were dangerous you haven’t seen Ikaros in battle, she is on a completely different level. Ikaros is very loyal to her master and does pretty much anything he asks of her, including helping him perv on girls when he wants to. She shows little emotion unless Tomoki is in danger but that doesn’t detract too much from her cuteness. Her constant solemn expression and her beautiful wings feed into her angel like appearance which is unrivaled. Of course, her ample bosom doesn’t hurt her appearance at all either.

Android 18, Dragon Ball Z

Rounding out the list is, of course, Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. She is quite literally a killing machine who went about killing millions of innocent humans in the show all the while looking badass and cute. With her shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she clearly stands out in a crowd. The deadly actions and terrible deeds she commits plays off her gorgeous looks and cool demeanor and the fans just loved it. Of course, she changes from an evil killer robot to join the good guys in their fight (plus having a kid with Krillin). But we will always remember her for blowing up a city without a care in the world and looking badass and beautiful at the same time. Here is to you Android 18.


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