Justice League vs. Teen Titans Images

Robin is forced to join the young super team and soon has to help lead them in a fight against the mighty Justice League after they are possessed by the demon Trigon.
Actors: Rosario Dawson, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore, Jerry O'Connell

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Images

Aquaman (Matt Lanter) is forced to choose between the Justice League and Atlantis when Atlantean warriors invade Gotham City and Metropolis. (DC Comics)
Actors: Sean Astin, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion, Christopher Gorham

Justice League: War Images

Superman (Alan Tudyk), Wonder Woman (Michelle Monaghan), Batman (Jason O'Mara) and other superheroes join forces to found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion and Darkseid.
Actors: Sean Astin, Zach Callison, Christopher Gorham, Justin Kirk